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Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Approval Request

The Certification Review Board will review any of the following for consideration as an approved CEU:
     1. Wildlife-related conferences and symposia

     2. Wildlife-related courses or workshops

     3. Peer-reviewed wildlife-related journals

CEUs for (1) and (2) may be earned incrementally; 1 hour of attendance = 1/8 CEU.  Only events or publications that occur during the Candidate's two years certification period will be accepted for Renewal purposes.

One event/publication per form, please.  Allow 3 weeks from the date of submission for a decision by the Certification Review Board (CRB).

CEU Approval Request Form

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Please provide the following information for an event or publication to be considered for approval by the CRB:
Event (e.g. conference, course, workshop)   Peer-reviewed publication
Event title:
Publication title:
Event website (url):
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Event Organizer or Contact:
Event date(s):
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